Peter Lougheed

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The Importance of Tackling Hopelessness

Why can't we seek a world where we rise to the occasion and confront our failings as a society? Why can't we demand better of ourselves and of our communities to create a place where all life is respected? Why can't the ingenuity of the human brain -- and limitlessness of the human heart -- foster a world where hope triumphs over hopelessness?

Enbridge Channeling The Dead

EDMONTON - Comments made by the late Peter Lougheed hung over public hearings Monday about a pipeline that would ship bitumen from Alberta's oilsands to Asian markets.Both sides in the debate tried to...

Proud Albertan, Patriot Rembered

CALGARY - Prime Minister Stephen Harper lauded Peter Lougheed on Friday as a visionary and a statesman with the intelligence to wage a successful fight and the fortitude to see it through."He brought...

Media Bites: The Lougheed Legacy's Light on History

I should start by admitting I was only 15 months old when Peter Lougheed concluded his highly transformative tenure as ruler of Alberta, so my memories are a little hazy. But I seem to recall there was a time when this nation's editorial pages weren't quite as overflowing with praise of the late Conservative premier as they are today.

Time To Say Goodbye

EDMONTON - Members of Peter Lougheed's family will accept condolences from the public as the former Alberta premier's body lies in state at the provincial legislature.A coffin holding Lougheed's body...

Canada Needs More Leaders Like Peter Lougheed

Peter Lougheed's grace, class, and dignity should be an example to current and future political leaders in Canada. His life and service to his country showed that great things could be accomplished for the common good with a mixture of intelligence, daring, principle, integrity, humility, and an understanding of the power of compromise. Canada owes much to the statesmanship of giants like Lougheed. He was a nation-builder. His passing is a reminder to me of how much we so desperately need people like Peter Lougheed in our public life today.

Peter Lougheed Dead At 84: Former Alberta Premier Was A Titan

The former Alberta premier and Tory leader was, unequivocally, a titan. He was an Edmonton Eskimos alumni, with a masters degree from Harvard, and with the kind of family and political pedigree the likes of which you don't see in the public arena any more. But never mind that. Lougheed was a politician who redefined a province, who empowered Western Canada, who laid the foundation and turned Alberta from a rural bread basket into the engine that today fuels one of the world's most stable economies.

Guess Who Supports Alison Redford

CALGARY - The patriarch of Alberta's Progressive Conservative party has made a plea to Conservatives who have switched to the rival Wildrose, by pledging support for Alison Redford Saturday.Former pre...