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Feds Commit $20M To Airbase

GREENWOOD, N.S. - The federal government is spending almost $20 million on repairs at 14 Wing Greenwood in Nova Scotia.Justice Minister Peter MacKay says seven projects will receive the funding over t...

MacKay, Wife Expecting Daughter

Nazanin Afshin-Jam and Justice Minister Peter MacKay are expecting a new addition to their family. Afshin-Jam, a human rights activist, made the announcement this morning on Twitter. "Love my b...

Could MacKay's Exit Be Next?

OTTAWA - If outgoing minister John Baird felt 20 years was long enough for this political go-around, then what must equally seasoned Justice Minister Peter MacKay be thinking?The Nova Scotia politicia...
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Just Clicking on a Link Could Make You a Target For In-Depth Government Surveillance

Even more disturbing, it seems that CSE deliberately targeted Canadian IP addresses in violation of the law and contrary to repeated government assurances. They then cross-referenced the IP addresses of file-hosting users with other databases to learn the identity of these users. So basically, ending up as a target for in-depth surveillance could be as easy as clicking on a link.

MacKay Disagrees With Top Mountie

MONTREAL - Justice Minister Peter MacKay said he doesn't see the need for an in-depth examination of police and justice system protocols as suggested by the head of the RCMP after the recent shootings...