Peter Van Loan

Liberals 'Dishonouring' Soldiers Killed In Terror Attacks: Tories

The Huffington Post Canada | Ryan Maloney | Posted 10.21.2016 | Canada Politics

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent were both killed in October 2014.

Tory MP To Trudeau: Listen To Canadians Just Like Harper Did

The Huffington Post Canada | Ryan Maloney | Posted 10.03.2016 | Canada Politics

He said Canadians "overwhelmingly" disapprove of changing national anthem.

Althia Raj

Tories Won't Rush Bill On Face Coverings | Althia Raj | Posted 06.15.2015 | Canada Politics

"We have introduced a number of bills, as you know, rather late in the session that demonstrate what will be the core of an agenda for a Conservative government… when we return in the fall."

Althia Raj

Why This MP Blames The Tories For Not Being Able To Do His Job | Althia Raj | Posted 02.18.2015 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA — MPs are failing to do their jobs and standing by as taxpayer dollars are spent without proper review, an NDP MP said Wednesday. Nova Sc...

Tories Face Grilling Over Use Of Taxpayer-Funded Mailings

CBC | Rosemary Barton, CBC News | Posted 04.18.2015 | Canada Politics

The Conservative Party may have problems of its own when it comes to inappropriate taxpayer-funded mailings, according to documents obtained by CBC Ne...

Everything's Going To Be Fine: Oliver

CP | Terry Pedwell, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.28.2015 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Canada's economy is diverse enough to weather a slump in oil prices, Finance Minister Joe Oliver insisted Monday as one of his cabinet counte...

Althia Raj

Tories Shelve Controversial Gun Bill In Wake Of Shootings | Althia Raj | Posted 10.25.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA — The Conservative government appears to be quietly shelving its controversial “Common Sense” gun bill in light of Wednesday’s shooting...

Tories Defeat NDP Motion For Question Period Reform

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 11.30.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - An NDP motion aimed at compelling on-point answers during question period in the House of Commons has gone down to defeat.After initially ind...

Tories Thwart NDP Bid To Improve Question Period

CP | Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press | Posted 11.29.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Last week's controversial series of non-sequitur government answers prompted a renewed Opposition bid for parliamentary reform Monday — a m...

Backbench MPs Are CRUSHING It

CP | Jennifer Ditchburn, The Canadian Press | Posted 09.02.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Epilepsy, human trafficking, wine, autism, prize fighting — those are just a few of the topics covered by private member's bills and senate...

Althia Raj

What Has Ottawa Accomplished So Far This Year? | Althia Raj | Posted 06.26.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA — Conservative MPs are smiling as they depart Ottawa for the summer. Gone is the constant hammering by constituents concerned about the Senat...

Russia Bans Entry To 13 Canadian Lawmakers, Officials

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 05.24.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Russia on Monday slapped an entry ban on 13 Canadian lawmakers and officials, including House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer and government...

Althia Raj

Tories Reject May's Call For Audit Into MP Expenses | Althia Raj | Posted 03.05.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA — Conservative MPs have rejected a call to have Canada's auditor general take a good look at their expenses — or those of the prime ministe...

Err... How Many Jobs?

CP | Steve Rennie, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.29.2014 | Canada Business

OTTAWA - Government House Leader Peter Van Loan is using the return of Parliament to boast about the Conservatives' economic track record — but OECD...

What Will Dominate The Tory Agenda

CP | Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.29.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives say they'll focus on the economy and the upcoming budget as they return to work in Ottawa after a six-week break....

Tory House Leader Takes Questions From HuffPost Readers

Huffington Post Canada | Posted 01.25.2014 | Canada Politics

As 2013 draws to a close, Huffington Post Canada's Ottawa Bureau Chief Althia Raj put questions from readers to Tory House Leader Peter Van Loan on th...

Althia Raj

Reform Act? No Need, Says This Tory | Althia Raj | Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA — Opposition parties and some Conservative members may decry the government’s methods of curtailing debate and whipping votes, but the part...

Post Cuts Like When Trash Was Kicked To Curb: Van Loan

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 02.11.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Government House leader Peter Van Loan is striking back at critics of Canada Post's planned service cuts, comparing them to wealthy big-city ...

Althia Raj

Second Thoughts About Gag Order? | Althia Raj | Posted 01.25.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA — A committee of MPs who imposed lifetime gag orders on political staff may revisit their decision — but they have no plans to make it easi...

Got A Question For The Government House Leader?

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 12.11.2013 | Canada Politics

Peter Van Loan has good reason to be merry these days. The Government House Leader's motion to rise early for the holidays won unanimous consent Tu...

See You In September!

CBC | Posted 08.19.2013 | Canada Politics

The NDP and Liberals held their final caucus meetings this morning before leaving Ottawa for the summer after MPs voted unanimously last night to wrap...

Tories Kill NDP Bid To Boost Watchdog's Power

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 08.12.2013 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - The Harper government has nixed an attempt to give the federal budget watchdog more teeth.Conservatives on Wednesday killed a private member'...

Top Tory Denies Duffy Said He'd Repay Cash

CP | Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press | Posted 06.19.2013 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Describing himself as a man of his word, embattled Conservative Sen. Mike Duffy says he has repaid more than $90,000 in Senate housing expens...

WATCH: Mercer Compares MPs In Question Period To Prisoners

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 03.27.2013 | Canada Politics

Rick Mercer fell off the wagon and slid back into a shameful habit he quit “cold turkey” five years ago — watching Question Period. The CBC c...

2012: Winners and Losers of Canadian Politics

Ryan Painter | Posted 03.11.2013 | Canada Politics
Ryan Painter

The jet lag has passed and the Christmas decorations (for some of us at least) are put away in storage. With 2013 stretching out before us, let's reflect on the year that was 2012 in Canadian politics. The best and worst political stories, the best and worst politicians and the biggest sellout.