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How I Coped When My Son Told Me He Was Gay -- And Suicidal

My son had always been a top student. Suddenly he wasn't interested in school projects or exams because it wasn't going to matter; he wasn't going to be around. We're talking suicidal thoughts -- very scary. Looking back, I realize my son knew he was gay by the time he was 12. He had more time to accept the reality and by the time he came out to his family, he'd been reflecting on this for a while. That didn't make it any easier for him. Adolescence is hard enough. Remember high school? Add to that a layer of being different when all you want to do is belong.

The Evolution From Bathhouse Raids to Pride Parades

Another Canada Day, another successful Pride Parade along the streets of downtown Toronto. As in previous years one of the largest parades of its kind saw hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets. The Parade itself covers less than a mile or two of Toronto's streets but the geography is far less important than the message it sends. It was only 30 years ago this February that Toronto Police raided the city's gay bathhouses, arresting more than 300 innocent men.