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12 Savvy Children's Books Everyone Will Love

Everyone needs to read a good children's book from time to time. They remind us of the basics -- stuff like telling the truth, being kind to others and the importance of friendship. They're not just about bunnies and birthday parties. Pay attention when you read these 12 Children's Books Everyone Will Love.

Occupy Kid Lit

Even if the political underpinnings of the Yertle and Thomas books are way over my son's head -- not hard, as he's only about three feet tall -- they still impart moral lessons. One reinforces class divisions and imperiousness while the other promotes equality and compassion. But apparently equality and compassion aren't appropriate for B.C. classrooms.

5 Books to Help Kids Understand Death

For me, there is no topic tougher to talk to kids about than death. We are told to use direct and simple language and to speak in a way to ensure that the message is clear... no ambiguity. While anyone faced with this situation should seek the advice of a grief counsellor, I also tend to turn to books written for children.