Pierre Poilievre


Poilievre Defends Child Care Benefit

FREDERICTON — The federal Employment and Social Development minister says every family receiving the Universal Child Care Benefit will end up with more money in the bank than before changes came into...
Government of Canada

The UCCB Isn't About Parents - It's About the Election

Both Treasury Board Guidelines and the Ethics Commission state it is inappropriate for a government official to blur the lines between a government and a partisan announcement. However, Minister Pierre Poilievre felt no apparent shame. He was quick to point out that neither the Liberals nor the New Democrats support the UCCB (a half-truth at best). Accordingly, he was not so subtly attempting to persuade an apparently gullible public that only the Conservatives could be trusted to protect families. It's not new for governments to attempt to play politics with taxpayer money; but vote buying has rarely felt more shameless.

Tories Hammered Over Childcare Benefit

OTTAWA - Opposition parties hammered the federal government on Monday after it boasted about the economic benefits of childcare cheques set to be mailed out to Canadian families next week.NDP finance...