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Manure Dump Could Trigger Lawsuit

The City of Abbotsford, B.C., could be facing a civil lawsuit after officials spread chicken manure over a popular gathering place for the homeless in an apparent bid to drive them out of the city. -...

Vancouver Sued Over Homeless Ban

Vancouver bylaws that prevent people from sleeping on streets, in parks or on other city properties are unconstitutional, the Pivot Legal Society claims in a lawsuit it is filing with B.C. Supreme Cou...

Laws That Punish Homeless Should Be Repealed

Over the past weeks, Pivot Legal Society has talked to homeless men in Stanley Park and documented six assaults in the last month. Some of the victims have talked to the police, some have chosen not to report, and instead are finding more isolated places to sleep in an attempt to avoid detection by would-be assailants. This recent series of assaults against homeless men is not surprising in light of research looking at rates of victimization among homeless people.

How Vancouver Sex Workers' Ruling Improves Access To Justice

Canada's highest court has unanimously ruled that a former sex worker and an organization run by and for street-based sex workers should be granted public interest standing to challenge the laws related to adult prostitution. It's a long decision, but here is a quick summary of the decision and its implications for our clients and for access to justice for marginalized people across Canada.

Next Up, B.C.?

An Ontario court ruling on Canada's prostitution laws is a partial victory for sex trade workers in B.C., says Vancouver's Pivot Legal Society. Litigation director Katrina Pacey said she is pleased O...