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Why "No Idea Is An Original Idea" Is A Lie

If an idea comes from your brain, and you haven't looked at or compared or copied anyone else's work in order to conceive that idea, then guess what -- that's an original idea. What usually happens though is we get all excited, think the idea is brilliant, and then we Google it like a crazy person and our hearts sink when we see something similar has been done before. But here's the thing: The fact that someone has created this before doesn't mean your idea isn't original.
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Since When Do Plagiarists Deserve Praise?

When someone steals, it's not often they get called "a strong person," or told that they have guts. That's why it's so shocking to see to see an outpouring of support, some of it downright flattering, for a Toronto Star summer intern who wrote a confessional blog explaining how and why he plagiarized. Posts like Ellison's don't feel honest to me. In fact they ring of the worst kind of self-promotion. Since when do people get a gold star for admitting they did something bad? Certainly people make mistakes or have lapses of judgment -- no one is perfect. But the thing is, journalists aren't asked to be perfect, just honest and accurate.

Judge's Plagiarism On Trial

The Supreme Court of Canada has reinstated a $4-million award to a Vancouver mother whose son was born with severe brain damage in a medical lawsuit that had been overturned because the judge plagiari...
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Watching the Watchdog: The Elephant in the Newsroom

Last Thursday, CJF's full-house gathering was titled Gutenberg's Last Stand: Reinventing the Modern Newspaper. Sitting in the audience, I was certain that -- plagiarism being a mortal sin in our honourable profession -- someone would raise Wentegate. I waited. Nobody mentioned Wentegate. Or resignations. Surely, if nothing else, Stackhouse deserved his chance to explain?