Ponzi Scheme


Multi-Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme Arrest

VANCOUVER - A former notary public from Vancouver is facing fraud and theft charges over an alleged ponzi scheme that police believe bilked more than 100 investors out of as much as $40 million.The RC...

Investors Duped Out Of $52 Million

CALGARY - Alberta's securities regulator has ruled that two men perpetrated a $52-million "Ponzi scheme" in which the investors have likely lost most of their money.According to a decision by an Alber...

B.C.'s $135-Million 'Ponzi Scheme'

VANCOUVER - The B.C. Securities Commission accused a woman on Monday of running a Ponzi scheme and raising $135.4 million from at least 800 investors in Canada and the United States.The regulator alle...

10 Things Every Charity Should Know

Donors want to be respected and listened to. If somebody asks to be taken off a mailing list, they get pissed (rightfully) when they get mail the next year. All you can do is apologize and do your best to fix it for the future.