Pope Resigns


Why Shouldn't the Clergy Be Allowed to Marry?

The recent clamour to permit Catholic priests to marry is an excellent development, which should be encouraged. After all, non-Catholic clergy, who do marry are presumably equally dedicated to God and their church. The clergy of other religions too are meant to be dedicated to serving God, and their own sexual experiences do not seem to prevent such dedication.

You Can't "Modernize" an Act of Faith

In an era of rapid technological, social, and economic transformation, there is a comforting tranquility in the rock of Catholicism and its institutions. It may be tough for non-Catholics or non-believers to grasp, but the Church isn't in business to adapt to the ever-changing dispositions of our society.
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Media Bites: Holy Logic May Work Against Canadian Cardinal

It's a testament to the massive ego of this modest nation that our media's efforts to provide a "Canadian angle" on international news -- once little more than a dash of local context at the end -- now routinely overshadows the core story itself. The Canadian press has been endlessly fascinated with the possibility that a Canuck archbishop named Marc Cardinal Ouellet might be the next to occupy the throne of St. Pete. if Cardinal Ouellet does win, it won't be using the same criteria this country uses to choose prime ministers. Not everything in life is as Canadian as we might like.

I Won't Cry for the Pope Who Called Me a Destroyer

This past December, in one of his most important speeches of the year, Pope Benedict reiterated his belief that the quest for same-sex marriage destroys the very "essence of the human creature." I think what it would have been like for my 14-year-old self, when I started to discover that I didn't really like girls in that way, sitting in church, listening to that priest. What would it have done to me to hear my papa talk of my newfound identity as "manipulation of nature," as this Pope has done? A chorus of "amens" as punishing as a judge's gavel at the conclusion of rendering a guilty verdict.

Pope Benedict Will Become the Invisible Man

John Paul's determination to lead the Church right through his agony and to his death gave a powerful witness to the value of our lives and the missions we are given, but it can hardly be denied that in his final years the Church was somewhat rudderless. His decision strikes me as a deeply humble.

Does He Have What It Takes To Be Pope?

MONTREAL - Word that a Canadian cardinal is a presumed contender to succeed Pope Benedict XVI has been met with a mixed response in his own Quebec backyard.Advocates for victims of sexual abuse by pri...

Benedict XVI Resigns As Pope

Pope Benedict XVI, leader of the Roman Catholic Church and spiritual father to the world's estimated one billion Catholics, will resign as pontiff at the end of this month. Citing his "advanced age,"...