Port Mann Tolls


Bridge Tolls To Stay

VANCOUVER - Traffic has dropped substantially on the Port Mann bridge near Vancouver since tolls were introduced, British Columbia's transportation minister announced Friday.There are 5,000 to 6,000 f...

Port Mann's Rush Hour Test

The new Port Mann Bridge was tested during its first rush hour this morning as drivers on both sides of the Fraser River crossed the newly-opened bridge on their way to work. The trip appeared to be...

Port Mann Bridge Opening Date

VANCOUVER - Years of traffic mayhem and gridlock caused by construction should ease on Highway One east of Vancouver on Dec. 1.The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure says eight lanes of the...

Brace For Government Cuts, B.C.

VICTORIA - Low natural gas prices have blown a big hole in the British Columbia government's plans to balance its budget three months before the start of next spring's election campaign.Finance Minist...

Bait And Switch Toll Reduction Won't Help B.C. Liberals

The question is, will a reduction in tolls make any difference at all to hardened voters weary of the endless stream of politicking from Christy Clark, the second most unpopular premier in Canada? I don't think so. The Liberals are using the old bait and switch trick, one they've perfected over the last 10 years. Sure we get a discount at first, but eventually we're all going to be paying -- for the rest of our lives.