Tom Pennington via Getty Images

Town Hall Is Reminder That Pipeline Agenda Will Cost Harper Government

This pipeline project will not survive public scrutiny. Enbridge and Kinder Morgan do not have, and will not have, our permission. We will stop these pipelines and the Harper regime would be smart to listen or at least get out of the way. A government can only hide the fact that they do not represent the values of the people of their country for so long before people wake up to it and show them the door.

B.C. Mounties Caught On Camera

An 18-second video alleging excessive force during an arrest shortly after midnight Saturday in Port Moody has been posted to YouTube. The brief clip shows a man being forced to the ground by an offic...

Video Game Depicts School Shooting

A first-person shooter game depicting a B.C. high school has been criticized for being insensitive in the wake of incidents like last year's Sandy Hook elementary shooting. The game shows a shooter wa...

Deadly Shooting Shakes Port Moody

UPDATE: The Vancouver Police Department has identified the victim in the Port Moody shooting as Joseph Allan Markel. A 32-year old man shot Saturday morning in Port Moody has died. Shots were heard by...