Pot Laws


Pot Prescriptions Will Shift To Doctors

TORONTO - "What about marijuana?"It's a question that likely will soon be posed by a growing number of patients in more and more doctors' offices across the country.And no, it's not some kind of reefe...

New Medical Marijuana System Will Lead to Widespread Fraud

With dozens of different companies providing medical cannabis, each with different labels and packaging, it will be impossible for an officer to tell if the cannabis in question is really from a licensed producer. I predict widespread proliferation of fake prescription bottles with fake labels and fake contact information. I predict that police will quickly become frustrated in trying to figure out who is valid and who is not.

'Do I Seem Like I Smoke Marijuana?'

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau has done it. So, have premiers Kathleen Wynne and Darrell Dexter.Even Toronto mayor Rob Ford says he's smoked pot.Almost everyone on the political scene seems to have tried it,...