Racism Should Not Become a Conservative Value

MP Larry Miller, who once used Hitler and the Nazis as references to oppose the gun registry, also recently made a dumb comment about how prospective Canadians should "stay the hell where you came from" if they prefer to wear a niqab during a Canadian citizenship ceremony. He is one of a long line of Conservative MPs to make racist remarks. I hope racism, ignorance and stupidity are not becoming mainstream Canadian values, let alone values endorsed by the Conservative Party of Canada. I hope the Prime Minister understands in his awkward silence, he is giving the impression that he is actually endorsing all the ills we have seen from members of his caucus in recent months. He should not.

The Ed Broadbent Institute Is An Elitist Organization

So what is my beef with the institute? It is that, while the institutes eloquently preaches high standard for public discussions on a slew of issues and demands better destinations for others, it is an elitist institutions that does not look like Canada. Just look at its employees and the board membership of the institute for instance.

'Everybody Should Be Embarrassed'

CALGARY - The founder of the federal Reform party says all Canadians should be embarrassed by the shenanigans within the Senate but he still believes the upper chamber can be salvaged if it makes some...

Harper's Throne Speech Was a Little Like Jell-O

The latest throne speech was an excursion extraordinaire, and by a happy coincidence the best description of it was first applied to the 2005 Ralph Goodale federal budget, and by none other than former CTV host and current Senator Mike Duffy: "It's a little like Jell-O. It's good for you, inoffensive and there's nothing here that seems to be very controversial."

Media Bites: Does Canada Need Political Advice from Ron Paul?

The decision to import former Republican congressman/presidential candidate/shiny thing enthusiast Ron Paul to this year's Manning Conference follows the long, distinguished tradition of Canadian political parties asking clever Americans to tell them what they think. It's only fair to ask what the Paul pick reveals about the state of Canada's right. much of what Paul has to offer is "miles away from Canadian relevance." There is no Tea Party position on Quebec separatism, after all. Or bilingualism. Or aboriginal land claims. Or the Senate. Or the monarchy. Or the countless other existential and nationalistic dramas that dominate this esoteric sovereign nation.