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Lid On Cabinet Secrets Quietly Tightened

OTTAWA - The Conservative government has quietly tightened the lid on federal cabinet secrets in an effort to prevent compromising leaks.A revised policy on the security of so-called cabinet confidenc...

Feds Fretted Over Arctic War Games

OTTAWA - The administrative wing of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office worried about the optics of hundreds of Canadian troops taking part in a major NATO-sponsored Arctic war game in northern Nor...

The Truth About Budget Cuts And Freezes

OTTAWA - A review of the federal government's books shows some departments are beginning to come clean about the effect of budget freezes and cuts.And the information these departments are providing a...

Crown Corporations: A Man's World

MONTREAL - The boards of directors of federal Crown corporations have three times more men than women, prompting critics to suggest the federal government must set a better example for the private sec...

Swimming Upstream Against Government Secrecy

Officials prevented Kristi Miller from speaking to journalists about her possible explanation for salmon stock depletion. Unfortunately, this appears to be part of an emerging pattern in which the federal government is seeking to subvert or discredit the role of science in policy-making.