Prophet Muhammad

The Arbitrary Limits to Freedom of Expression

I am sensing a high level of double standard here where freedom of expression is abused and misused according to the whims and desires of people. When the victim is Islam and Muslims, then, it has no limits. It is like an open buffet where it is all you can eat. But when it is about others, like Kate Middleton or abortion in Canada, then, you better watch your mouth.

"Innocence of Muslims" Creates Doubt for Our Innocence

On one hand, Muslim mobs express their freedom of expression by twisting the facts and even creating a hatred towards others, while on the other hand dismissing others' opinions of them as hate propaganda. In this scenario, Islamic media people need to understand the fact that if they want others to not be blasphemous to their religion, they and their mobs needed to be respectful to others' faiths.

Muslim Hooligans Know Not the Prophet They Defend

Those emotionally-charged hooligans who went ballistic in their protests probably know little about the prophet they claim to defend. They most likely know more about movie stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie than they know their own prophet. Had they known a little about his character, they would not have gone wild as they did in their protest.

Crush Hate Propaganda, Not Free Speech

Free speech is the right to be obnoxious; on occasion to be offensive; often to be wrong and to say rude or unkind things, but not necessarily untruthful things. Unlike human rights tribunals, those who go to court must prove they've been damaged by free speech.

<i>Charlie Hebdo</i> Chooses Democracy Over Cowardice

Bruce Crumley writes in Time magazine: "In a free society, a newspaper can ridicule and stigmatize whomever (sic) it chooses, except those who demonstrate a willingness to respond with violence." Self-censorship is the order of the day -- something not unknown in the Canadian media when it comes to Islamic extremists.