Don't Blame the Unions For Your Behaviour, Mr. Fantino

Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino's behaviour towards a group of veterans last week disgusted me. And, when he blamed his behaviour on the actions of a union I became outraged. The union may very well have told the veterans a one-sided story about how their poor members are being hard done-by. That doesn't excuse the minister's behaviour. As a free public service for cabinet ministers and others in leadership roles, I'm going to offer up some completely unsolicited advice, right here, right now, at no charge. When a veteran is angry with you for being late, you say, "I'm sorry."

Turning Back the Clock 50 Years: Bill C-4 and federal workers

Stuffed into the 309-page Conservative budget implementation act, Bill C-4, that was tabled last month, are a slew of drastic changes to the federal labour relations system, which will affect the health and safety provisions, human rights protections, and collective bargaining rights of federal workers. As its number suggests, Bill C-4 is truly explosive.

The Cost of Government Deregulation

Tragedies like the 2008 listeriosis outbreak involving Maple Leaf Foods, the 2012 E. coli contamination at XL Foods or even the more recent rail disaster at Lac-Mégantic remind us that government oversight of everything from food production to labour standards to transportation is key to keeping Canadians safe. 70 per cent of aviation companies in Canada were not inspected at all in 2010-11. Welcome to Conservative Canada, where the next industrial tragedy is waiting in the wings.

Collective Bargaining Is Political

Terrance Oakey recently took objection with the Public Service Alliance of Canada's YouTube video on cuts to the environment implemented by Stephen Harper's Conservative Government. Oakey's arguments are bizarre. It is difficult to understand how the PSAC's engagement on the question of federal cuts to environmental protection is somehow disconnected from collective bargaining.

Do These Anti-Harper Videos Go too Far?

Whether PSAC had any credibility on intellectual debate prior to posting these videos is a discussion for another day. The bigger issue is how unions fund these outrageous campaigns. The videos on this website, for example, are professionally produced, with real actors, at who knows what cost.

Mock Trial Of Harper No Joke

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Budget Includes $7 Billion In Cuts

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Mystery Tory Budget Cuts

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Canadians Waiting Weeks For EI Cheques

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