Public Safety Minister


Toews Gives The RCMP An Ultimatum

OTTAWA - Family, willingness to move, and work-life balance are the key factors affecting whether Mounties seek promotion, says a new RCMP report released amid concerns of sexism and harassment within...

Crime Doesn't Deter Tories -- Nor do Facts

In a statement Wednesday, Vic Toews said the Omnibus crime bill had not led to the predicted rise in prisoners and prison costs. Either the Public Safety Minister is being intentionally deceptive, or he lacks a basic understanding of how the court system works. I'm not sure which one is more disturbing.

RCMP Called In Over Threats To Vic Toews

OTTAWA - The RCMP say they've not yet decided whether they will launch a full investigation into threats made against Public Safety Minister Vic Toews connected to the introduction of an online survei...

Government Rejects Two-Tier Fee Idea

OTTAWA - The public safety minister is rejecting a Senate committee's proposal to give some criminal-pardon seekers a break on the application fee.The government wants to raise the cost of seeking a p...

Bill To Kill Long-Gun Registry Lands

OTTAWA - Records of the shotguns and rifles owned by Canadians would be destroyed under legislation introduced Tuesday to scrap the long-gun registry — preventing provincial or future federal governme...