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600 'Points Of Service'

OTTAWA - The recent closure of eight Veterans Affairs offices has ignited a war of words between former soldiers and the Harper government over access to benefits and other services.Veterans and their...

Bill C-377: Transparently Anti-Union

Just as the 2012 budget is dubbed the "jobs and growth" budget while it slashes at least 20,000 jobs from the civil service, Bill C-377 is being presented as a measure to increase transparency and accountability, when it is nothing but an attempt at attacking and distracting a key element of civil society -- labour unions.

Coast Guard Takes Brunt Of Cuts

More than 1,000 workers with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, including 763 with the Canadian Coast Guard, received notices Thursday that their jobs could be affected by pending cuts. The tota...

Canadians Waiting Weeks For EI Cheques

The union that represents Service Canada workers has filed a grievance against Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Diane Finley over recent slowdowns in processing Employment Insurance...