Quebec Debt

Quebec's Budget Is the Next Step in a Recovery Plan

As the saying goes, the first step is overcoming denial and the premier's recent comments suggest he understands the magnitude of Quebec's fiscal problems. The next step requires a bold plan to rein in government debt and improve tax competitiveness. The upcoming budget is a chance to move the province forward.

How Quebec Can Get its Mojo Back

Premier-elect Couillard has pledged to "put Quebec back on the path to prosperity." As well he should. Quebec was once an opportunity-based culture, prosperous and a net contributor to Confederation. Quebec's future could once again resemble its laudable past.

Good To Handle Quebec's Debt?

VICTORIAVILLE, Que. - Quebec Premier Jean Charest is taking aim at the Coalition for Quebec's Future on the campaign trail this weekend.He says the Liberals are better prepared to manage the province'...