The Ontario Government Needs a Lesson in How Energy Markets Work

Does Ontario's Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli understand how electricity markets work? Or is he deliberately sabotaging negotiations with Quebec to justify Ontario spending billions on nuclear power?Nuclear power is a bad choice for our financial future. Nuclear power is a bad choice for our energy future. It's time for the Liberals to wake up from their nuclear dream, and get down to the business of providing Ontario with safe, secure, and affordable electricity.

Quebec Breaking Records

Quebecers are coping with power failures, train delays and burst pipes as freezing temperatures sweep the province. Hydro-Québec said the province broke a record for energy consumption this morning w...

A Driving Hazard No More

MONTREAL - An unfortunately positioned utility pole, which gained national notoriety for its position smack in the middle of a rural Quebec highway, is gone.It survived there for two months. Fortunate...