Quebec Independence



OTTAWA - The NDP's proposed "unity bill" has sparked some disunity in the party's own ranks.One of the most prominent NDP stalwarts, former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow, says he disagrees with the...

Breakup Rules Divide Harper Cabinet

MONTREAL - A split has emerged in the Harper government over a fundamental principle: the rules governing the potential breakup of Canada.The Conservatives' senior Quebec minister has declared in two...

Pauline Marois: The Sarah Palin of French Quebec?

When Quebec Premier Pauline Marois launched her Charter of Quebec Values last week, she fully expected that there would be adverse reaction from Liberal Leader Trudeau, NDP Leader Mulcair and from the federal Conservatives. In fact she counted on exploiting negative feedback in persuading French Quebec that the rest of English Canada was unwilling to support Quebec's national identity as a secular French state. And that Quebec independence was Quebec's only real option to realize and preserve its true and unique identity. What Marois and her band of provocateurs did not contemplate, was harsh and stinging criticism from French Quebec sovereigntists, in her own backyard, to her nefarious proposal.