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NDP Divided On Quebec

MONTREAL - New Democrats were divided Saturday about whether to set up a Quebec wing of their party that would add a left-leaning, federalist voice to the provincial political arena.There was no clear...

Coming To Quebec

Federal New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair announced Quebecers will have the chance to vote for the party in the province's next election. The NDP leader said the federal party didn't have time...

A Provincial NDP In Quebec?

MONTREAL - Tom Mulcair says Quebecers will get a chance to vote New Democrat in the province's next election as the federal party looks to capitalize on last year's electoral breakthrough.The NDP lead...

NDP MPs Told To Keep Quiet

OTTAWA -- Young New Democrat MPs who likely once would have been among the thousands of Quebec students hoisting placards in opposition to higher tuition are instead being forced to sit on their hands...

Take a Good Look, Quebec Could Soon be Gone

A March Leger Marketing poll found that 45 per cent of Quebecers responded that they would prefer that Quebec become an independent country. If that figure accurately reflects how Quebecers will vote in the next sovereignty referendum, it is 90 per cent of the way to 50 per cent plus one vote.

NDP Leadership Separatism

Over the weekend I attended an official NDP leadership debate in Montreal and two candidates took time to reaffirm their support for Quebec sovereignty. Either these New Democrats really mean what they say -- in which case they are dangerous -- or they don't, and hence don't deserve the support of Canadians for lying about their beliefs on the quintessential issue of national unity. Take your pick.

NDP Pushes For More Quebec Party Members

The interim leader of the federal NDP says Quebec MPs will be pushing to get more membership cards signed in the run up to the leadership vote. Nycole Turmel told CBC Montreal Thursday there are fewe...