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What's Next, Marois Telling Us What We Can Wear?

Imagine a teacher at a public school, or a Centre de santé et des services sociaux receptionist. If she tucks her hair into a turban as a fashion statement, or dons a headscarf to keep her hairdo safe from the rain, or because she's having a bad hair day, that would be perfectly acceptable. Ditto for covering a pate denuded by cancer chemotherapy. But if she puts on that same headscarf out of Islamic modesty, das ist verboten.

Quebec's Turban Ban Is About Xenophobia, Not Safety

The Quebec Soccer Federation's (QSF) recent decision to ban all Sikh children wearing turbans from playing soccer in the league was an extremely disappointing one for me, but not a surprising one. Quebec has become the poster child, nationally and internationally, of intolerance and xenophobia.