Quebec Sovereigntists


Anyone But Harper Means Trouble for the Bloc

In a strange way sovereignists share in the shame over Harper's Canada and want to react against it. As a result, they have decided to support the NDP instead of the Bloc, if the latest polls are any indication. And there's the rub, because that support seems completely illogical, and provides federalists with a potential political trap they will quickly spring against sovereignists.If the sovereignist vote for the NDP translates into a loss for Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Québécois, we'll end up with only federalist parties and MPs in Ottawa.

Parti Quebecois On The Brink

QUEBEC - A prominent member of the Parti Quebecois says it is staring into the political abyss.Bernard Drainville believes the party urgently needs to review its strategy on sovereignty in the wake of...

Pauline Marois Staying Put

MONTREAL - Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois says she's not intimidated by sovereigntists who are unhappy with her leadership and adds she won't be hounded out of her job."I am here to stay," she...

Rough Weekend For Quebec Sovereigntists

Quebec's sovereignty movement is weathering a tumultuous weekend, with infighting in Parti Québécois ranks over a new separatist party and the performance of leader Pauline Marois. The new sovereignt...