Quebec Student Protests

Will Montreal Students Live Happily Ever After?

After the second protest in the last two weeks following a provincial summit on higher education, everything about Montreal's current spring weather seemed to have year-old Maple Spring undertones to it, including violence, arrests and injuries. The plight of student debt, post graduation underemployment, and rising housing costs are all unarguably quite legitimate burdens faced by my generation. Will free tuition as demanded by the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ) and its followers solve these zeitgeist conundrums? Unlikely.

Overnight Protest Ends In 50 Arrests

MONTREAL - Premier Pauline Marois has called for calm as another nighttime student protest march is announced, this time in the provincial capital.The Thursday night march follows one in Montreal that...

(Maple) Spring Is In The Air

MONTREAL - Montreal police donned riot gear and moved in to make at least 50 arrests after an initially peaceful demonstration by Quebec students protesting tuition fee hikes took a destructive turn T...

Best Moment in Canadian Democracy: 2012

Just before the New Year, Samara asked for nominations for the Best Moment in Canadian Democracy in 2012. Despite the cynicism that we all feel from time to time, these five serve as important reminders that there are democratic mechanisms at our disposal, and that despite Canada's imperfections we are lucky to live here.

We Should Be Proud of Pint-Sized Protestors

Recently, I heard a Grade 6 student explain that he and his friends had walked out of school to protest against a government measure that they believed had resulted in their teachers' rights being taken away. The principal was not impressed. I think we should be very impressed. What are our children in Canada seeing in the streets of our cities and towns? Idle No More, Occupy, protests in Ontario and Quebec by teachers and students -- and remember the G-20 protests in Toronto in 2010? While some of us looked the other way, the children are still watching.

PQ Scrap Tuition Hike

QUEBEC - The tuition increase that triggered such social strife in Quebec was cancelled Thursday during an action-packed first full day in office for the Parti Quebecois government.The new government...

Canadians Love the NDP For What It Is Not

The latest Angus-Reid survey reflects an unexpected continued surge for the New Democrats across the country. From British Columbia and Newfoundland, where the party has never elected an NDP government, it is on the verge of electing itself for the very first time. This is a very surprising reality for Canadians as the NDP is becoming more mute on important issues and concentrates all power within its leader while neglecting the voices of its large caucus.

You'll Be Hearing From Their Lawyers

MONTREAL - A class-action lawsuit is being organized by young Quebecers frustrated because they say they were hurt by the province's student strikes.The motion to sue 25 universities and junior colleg...

'This Isn't About Who Is The Most Macho'

Jean Charest cancelled a campaign event when a couple of dozen peaceful protesters showed up Wednesday evening in his home riding of Sherbrooke, Que. — a riding the Liberal leader and incumbent premie...