Quebec Vote



MONTREAL - Quebecers will go the polls next month with the Parti Quebecois chasing a majority government that could eventually march the province toward another independence referendum.Premier Pauline...

The Day (Some) Women Achieved Equality in Canada

Today, we celebrate the 1929 Persons Case on the anniversary of a ground-breaking case which the Supreme Court of Canada declared women to be "persons" under the law. Well, not all women. October 18 is now celebrated as Persons Day, but it was a milestone victory that did not extend to all. It is also worth giving credence to the struggles that continued for 40 long years after this 1929 monochromatic victory.

Jean Charest: No Fall Vote

TOKYO - Quebec Premier Jean Charest is ruling out a snap provincial election this fall.Speculation has been rife the premier might be tempted to capitalize on current bickering within the Opposition P...