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Ontario Is in the Middle of a Booze Revolution

In a landmark legal filing, Jesse Razaqpur and Charles Benoit, owners of the Toronto Distillery Company, have sued the LCBO over what they claim is the unfair practice of enforcing distillers to sell their product for the same price as at LCBO retail stores and then pay the same markup amount in tax to the LCBO. It goes without saying that this court case could hold sweeping consequences for the LCBO should the Ontario Superior Court rule in favour of the Toronto Distillery and other, larger distillers begin to seek similar legal action.

More Headaches For Ontario Liberals

Leaked emails related to a pair of cancelled gas plants in the Greater Toronto Area are causing more problems for the Ontario Liberals. The latest leaks reveal that senior Liberal staff working under...

Ontario Vows To Investigate ORNGE

TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty is pleading for patience while his government investigates troubling reports that continue to swirl around ORNGE, including three deaths involving Ontario's air ambul...

Ontario's October Surprise(s)

Frank Klees' decision to run for Ontario Speaker had the effect of handing over that seat, but there was a catch. They had to get their people to stand down in the race for Speaker. If even one Liberal MPP were to run, it throws the Klees bombshell into doubt. Can he still win? We will see.