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One Man's Poo Is Another Man's Prescription

Fecal therapy is here to stay. With the number of options to treat acute and chronic gastrointestinal disorders shrinking, a means to not only treat but also cure cannot be disregarded. People may never get used to the smell of fecal microbiota therapy, but I know they'll definitely get used to the benefits. Let's rePOOPulate.

The Former Bay Street Lawyer Devoted to Change

Bruce Alexander is helping create a movement of new Canadians to have a huge impact in the Canada of tomorrow. For the last several decades, the 74-year-old former Bay street lawyer has mentored a slew of new Canadian women change their lives and the lives of their communities through the power of an education.

Sexism Skating on Thin Ice

The World Championships of figure skating start on Wednesday, but figure skating's gender roles are running far behind the times. Women skaters were forced to wear skirts in competition until recently, and the women's long program is thirty seconds shorter than the men's, which has real implications in terms of the scoring.