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Russell Peters' Junos Rape Joke Was Even Worse Than You Think

"Look at all the young girls, this is a felony waiting to happen." That was the "joke" that Russell Peters used to open up the 2017 Junos on Sunday, an award show that had already been marred by a second consecutive year of the #JunosSoMale debate over gender-imbalanced nominees. Peters then proceeded to reduce Canada's heritage minister, the Honourable Mélanie Joly, to being "hot." The show went on, but anger over Peters has continued to build as have the usual defenders crying about how it was just a joke. So let's unpack that.
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3 Important Questions About The Bill Cosby Charges

It finally happened. After months of accusations from over 50 women with horrific tales of sexual assault, Bill Cosby's luck has run out. On December 30th, 2015, Cosby stood before a judge, faced charges of indecent assault, and paid more money in bail than most people see in their lifetimes. If convicted, Cosby could face a mere $25,000 fine and ten years in prison. These are charges from only ONE of the women, Andrea Constand, who says she became friends with Cosby when she worked at Temple University.

I'm Putting R. Kelly's Music Back in the Closet, Forever

We all know the allegations against R. Kelly (a.k.a. Robert Sylvester Kelly) -- his "exploits" are widely catalogued in pop culture. But now that the Village Voice has published all the gory details about how he abused young women, I can't separate this artist from his actions any more. So I vow to leave the room when "Ignition (Remix)" comes on. I vow to never watch Trapped in the Closet again (though, to be honest, once was probably enough anyway). This is it. I'm done. It's a small step and by no means do I think it will change the world, but it's something I can do to honour the women whose lives were shattered by Kelly's actions.