Solving the CRT Recycling Problem

Recently, nine million pounds of cathode ray tubes (CRT) were found abandoned in Yuma, Arizona. Similar reports are becoming more common as the market for recycling CRT glass becomes more stressed. CR...

An Eco-Fee? Bring it On!

The other day I bought a TV and was surprised to see on the bill a $25 eco charge. Fantastic! It's a small price to pay for the safe disposal of all the hazardous material found in television sets. But here's the thing. You have my $25 now and I don't plan to dispose of my TV for many years. What is this money doing in the mean time?

Gadget Graveyards Big Business In B.C.

All the new electronic gadgets bought for over the holidays might be good for a struggling economy, but they’re not so good for the environment if the toys and devices that have been replaced are just...