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10 Life Tips To Help Increase Your Housing Budget

If you rent, you know how important it is to stretch your monthly budget in order to get a place you love. The line between 'wants and needs' must be clearly drawn, and once you have your budget, it's time to make the most of it. RentSeeker... is here to help you stretch that budget with 10 tips to save you money so you can maximize your housing budget and find an apartment you'll be excited to call home.

Let's Go Back to the Sandbox Days

It's amazing to think we all started in the same place -- the sandbox. Remember that place where we were collectively open to new rascals joining in, new ways, new toys, and new energy? Then we got "all grown up." And for whatever reason, that sense of acceptance, of openness, sense of being human has...well, it's not the same. How did we lose our way?

A Home is More Than Just Shelter

A common misconception about Habitat is that our homes are a handout, but what we actually provide is affordable homeownership, with low-income partner families repaying the full market value of their home over time. Last year, the lives of 227 families struggling to break the cycle of poverty began to be transformed as they moved into Habitat homes built in communities across Canada. Homeownership can change lives.