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PQ Shooting Suspect Speaks Out

The man accused in the fatal shooting outside the Parti Québécois victory rally on Sept. 4 has given another media interview. Richard Henry Bain spoke by phone with broadcaster Claude Poirier from th...

Politics and Violence: A Familiar Mix for Canada

"Never, never will I accept that Quebec is associated with violence," Quebec Premier-elect Pauline Marois declared in the wake of the recent election night shooting.Mme. Marois is not alone. Across the country, elected officials and pundits of all political stripes tell us that Canada is a "peaceable kingdom." The reality is quite different and it is a subject which we have been reluctant to even broach, let alone discuss.

Suspected Shooter In Court

The alleged gunman in the Quebec election night shooting that left one man dead and another wounded during the Parti Québécois victory rally earlier this week was formally charged today with first-deg...

Quebec Shooting Suspect Identified

Richard Henry Bain has been identified as the suspect in the shooting at Tuesday night's Parti Québécois election victory party in Montreal that left one person dead and another seriously injured. Bai...