Richard Florida

If Toronto & Vancouver Are ‘Superstar Cities,' Get Ready To Rent

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 11.29.2016 | Canada Business

Toronto and Vancouver are joining an elite club of cities where many can't afford to buy housing.

How Well Did Canada Really Do in the Rio Games?

Richard Florida | Posted 08.22.2016 | Canada
Richard Florida

In many ways this summer's Olympics was a banner games for Canada. Sixteen-year-old Penny Oleksiak hauled in four medals including tying for gold in t...

Toronto Has One Of The World's Largest ‘Super-Rich Wealth Gaps'

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 08.09.2016 | Canada Business

Rising inequality could explain the Rob Ford phenomenon.

Cities Hold The Key To Strengthening Canada's Economy

Michael Darch | Posted 06.17.2016 | Canada Business
Michael Darch

Through investment missions done in cooperation with Invest in Canada, the leading lights of Canada's economic development agencies have learned two clear lessons: First, the battleground for Foreign Direct Investment is at the city level; and second, the weapons employed are the relative strength of city ecosystems and talent.

The Reason Canada Ranks Among World's Most Creative Countries

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 10.27.2015 | Canada Business

If Canada isn’t generally thought of as a “creative” country, it might have something to do with our long-standing identity as commodity economy...

For Competitiveness' Sake, Restore the Canadian Census

Richard Florida | Posted 03.31.2015 | Canada Business
Richard Florida

Stephen Harper's Conservative government is quick to tout all it has done to improve Canada's economic competitiveness. But like competitive companies, competitive national economies require solid economic data. In scrapping the long-form census, the Harper administration has threatened the country's long-term economic prosperity.

The Best Cities In Canada For Trick-Or-Treating

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 10.31.2014 | Canada Business

OK, it’s time to put away the broomsticks and masks and focus on the serious business of hauling in Halloween candy. Let’s look at it like an i...

The Key to Spurring Development in This Mega-Region

Michael Cayley | Posted 04.27.2014 | Canada Business
Michael Cayley, the world's largest business ideas competition, will steal the show in Toronto this week to open Wednesday's Startup Grind fireside chat ...

Time To Quit The Cult Of Home Ownership?

CBC | Posted 04.04.2014 | Canada Business

If Canadians have a preoccupation these days, apart from the winter weather, it seems to be real estate. Specifically: the ever-rising prices in most ...

6 Things That Would Make Toronto Better, Ford or No Ford

Jon Packer | Posted 03.05.2014 | Canada Politics
Jon Packer

Rob Ford smoked crack. So what? Oh, and he plans to run for a second term as Mayor of the Greater Toronto Area in the Fall 2014 election. Really? Here is a prescription for six actions that would be good for Toronto in 2014, even if by default they result in four more years of Mayor Rob Ford.

New Brunswick: Avoiding Defeatism in Economic Development

Hassan Arif | Posted 11.17.2013 | Canada Business
Hassan Arif

There seems to be a prevalent trend in media and political commentary about New Brunswick; that our province is falling behind, in decline. There are no doubt serious challenges facing New Brunswick, including recent unemployment numbers that are the highest in the country, and a recent increase in outmigration rates.However, it is not all bad news.

Rob Ford and the Challenges Facing Toronto

Hassan Arif | Posted 08.24.2013 | Canada
Hassan Arif

"We got this mayor, who I would argue is the worst mayor in the modern history of cities." - Richard Florida, urbanist and academic. Toronto mayor Ro...

What I Would Change About Mayors in Canada

Richard Florida | Posted 08.24.2013 | Canada Politics
Richard Florida

2013-06-23-blog_canada_day_v02.gifThough this might have a counterintuitive ring, Canada's mayors -- the people who are directly responsible for Canada's cities and the most accountable to their citizens -- should have the power to make decisions about local needs and infrastructure, and the ability to raise the money they need to carry out their plans.

Saving Capitalism from Itself

Richard Florida | Posted 07.20.2013 | Canada
Richard Florida

This piece originally appeared in the Toronto Star. You don't have to be a Marxist to wonder if capitalism has run its course. Though the stock marke...

Casinos Ruin Cities

Richard Florida | Posted 04.17.2013 | Canada
Richard Florida

Toronto's business leaders like to think that they are helping to build a great global city, but casino building is city-ruining of the highest order. A downtown casino will tear holes in Toronto's urban fabric, create more costs than benefits, and send the message that Toronto is on the wrong track.

New Brunswick Offers Unique Opportunities in Social Enterprise

Hassan Arif | Posted 04.13.2013 | Canada
Hassan Arif

Entrepreneurship and innovation are important elements in promoting job creation and economic prosperity. Social responsibility -- environmental cons...

What Canadian Cities Can Learn From Fredericton

Hassan Arif | Posted 01.12.2013 | Canada
Hassan Arif

Good urban planning is important to preserving Fredericton's quality of life advantages that make it a desirable place to live and work. This includes promoting walkable streets, unique architecture that enhances the character of the city, and curbing generic box-store style sprawl.

Why You Should Choose New Brunswick

Hassan Arif | Posted 10.13.2012 | Canada Travel
Hassan Arif

Our province offers the advantage of city and town centres in close proximity to forests and rural areas. Smaller cities and municipalities can offer a strong sense of community as well as shorter commute times and a less hectic pace of life than in centres like Toronto and Montreal -- these can be attractions to potential migrants and immigrants seeking an alternative to the big-city lifestyle.

Canada's Greatest Competitive Advantage? Our Creativity

Richard Florida | Posted 09.18.2012 | Canada
Richard Florida

2012-07-19-RichardFloridabook.jpg We are living through a massive structural transformation of the economy, similar in scale and scope to the shift from the Agricultural to the Industrial Age. Canada is shifting from the Industrial to the Creative Age, in which creativity has become the decisive source of competitive advantage.

Sorry Yuppies, Toronto Will Not Be Gentrified

Brennan Aguanno and Anna Kemp | Posted 09.12.2012 | Canada Business
Brennan Aguanno and Anna Kemp

Buying a property in a neighbourhood that is in the early stages of such a process is generally considered one of the best ways to build equity in terms of real estate investments. The media constantly runs stories along these lines. Unfortunately however, they couldn't possibly be further from the truth.

Canada's Most Creative Cities

Richard Florida | Posted 09.11.2012 | Canada
Richard Florida

In this exclusive excerpt for HuffPost from Richard Florida's new book, the author reveals that scientists and engineers, architects and designers, artists and entertainers and the growing ranks of professional knowledge workers -- what he labels as The Creative Class" -- now number more than five million in Canada, or roughly 30 per cent of the workforce. So where do they live?

One Canadian City Makes It On 'World's Most Powerful' List

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 05.14.2012 | Canada Business

Canada, get ready to resent Toronto even more. The country’s largest city has placed as the 18th most powerful metropolitan area in the world in ...