Rimsha Masih


Welcome to Canada, Rimsha Masih!

Persecuted teen girl, Rimsha Masih from Pakistan -- who made worldwide headlines last August when she got arrested by Islamabad police on accusations of burning pages from Koran -- has arrived in Canada. Welcome to Canada, Rimsha Masih!

Why Pakistanis Won't Speak Out Against Blasphemy Law

The arrest of 11-year-or-so-old Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, in Pakistan in connection with the blasphemy charges has shocked the world but not Pakistan and majority Pakistanis. But it's not easy for them to speak out in Pakistan. If they do so it clearly means they are looking for trouble, not less than a death threat.

Rimshah Masih

In Sharia-benighted Pakistan, an 11-year-old Christian girl with Down's Syndrome has recently been incarcerated for blasphemy. Rimshah Masih allegedly burned pages of the Quran and other Islamic textbooks, including a Quran primer. The girl was found holding the charred pages. Unfortunately, Rimshah is not the only Pakistani facing such charges. Pakistanis collectively have shown little outrage at these travesties.