Ford's Popularity Growing, Poll Suggests

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is almost as popular now as he was in the first few months after his landslide victory in the 2010 election, a new poll suggests. A telephone survey by Forum Research for The T...

Ford Wins Again

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada decided Thursday it will not hear an appeal in a conflict of interest case involving troubled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.The appeal sought to restore a lower court rul...

Back To Bad Habits?

It was only three days ago Rob Ford dodged a bullet that could have cost him his job, but it appears Toronto's mayor may be back to bad habits. The Toronto Star reports that two City Hall lobbyists ha...

Will Rob Ford Learn the Art of Adult Conversation?

Thrilling as the #Fordcourt ride was, we're back to where we started. Ford Nation -- such as it is -- can enjoy its little victory lap. All I ask is that the Ford brothers set aside the slogans, the catchphrases, the childish vindictiveness, and the belligerent, tribal ignorance that's characterized public discourse in Toronto for the last two years.

Twitter Goes Nuts Over Rob Ford Decision

Rob Ford's appeal of his removal from office has been granted and Twitter is alight with responses. The decision of a three-judge panel of the Ontario Divisional Court is dividing users, with some hap...

Rob Ford's Not Going Anywhere

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's appeal of his removal from office has been granted by a three-judge panel of the Ontario Divisional Court. Ford's lawyers argued that his removal for violation of conflict of...

Rob Ford Verdict Coming Soon

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will find out his legal fate on Friday morning. CBC, CTV and other outlets reported on Wednesday that the Ontario Divisional Court will announce its verdict in an appe...

Let The Games Begin

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford vows to continue "fighting for the taxpayers" in his work at city hall, while he awaits a decision from a panel of judges who will determine if he will keep his job. Ford is ap...