Rob Ford Mum On Latest Video

The latest video involving Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has left some wondering if he had been drinking when it was recorded, though the city’s chief magistrate is not saying much about it. Over the weeken...


Being Rob Ford means having to say sorry a lot. Or, at least, denying it ever happened. The embattled Toronto mayor found himself once again hanging his head in front of a battery of news cameras at C...
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'Murder' Rant Breaks The Internet

A new video of a profane Rob Ford rant in which the Toronto mayor threatens to violently murder an unnamed individual has pretty much broken the Internet. The footage was purchased by the Toronto Star...

If I Can Keep it Together, So Can Rob Ford

When I was 22 years old and old working as an assistant brewer for a major micro-brewery in Michigan, my boss told me his fundamental rule when it came to mixing alcohol with work: You have to keep it together. Unfortunately, this weekend Rob Ford excused his apparent public drunkenness at Taste of the Danforth with no recognition of how such public behaviour reflects on the people he represents: the citizens of Toronto. The circus that has consumed Rob Ford and the city of Toronto over the past three months is not how one goes about securing credibility or ensuring trust. It is, rather, a case study in shallow, arrogant denial.