High School Rejects His Donation

Anybody want some football gear? Looks like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will have to donate his old equipment -- including helmets, pads and a full-sized football sled -- elsewhere after his gift was rejec...

Ford Dropped As Football Coach

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been dismissed as head football coach at Etobicoke’s Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School. The Toronto Star reported on Wednesday afternoon that the decision, which came from...

Why Rob Ford's Appeal Will Fail

Alan Lenczner, Mayor Ford's defence attorney, is a damn good lawyer -- arguably the best litigator around. And he did a bang-up job in court on Monday during Rob Ford's appeal hearing in downtown Toronto. His argument is a legitimate one -- but his argument won't work. That's because it is a policy argument and not a legal argument. Appeal Courts, in general, are not there to reconsider facts -- just law. The appeal will fail.

Media Bites: Maybe Rob Ford Should Run for the Green Party

If you're from some non-Toronto region of this country, you may best know Mayor Rob Ford as that guy who stars in all the breathlessly outraged stories your hipster Ontario friends post on Facebook -- not anymore. On Monday he was removed from office. Perhaps he should consider running for the Green Party. By my estimation we can thus anticipate a Green majority government sometime around... 6632 A.D.

Twitter Giggles At Rob Ford Fall

Rob Ford took a nasty fall on Tuesday and the Internet was there to immortalize it in GIF form. Toronto's Mayor was at an event to promote the Grey Cup when he fell while hamming it up for the press....

WATCH: Rob Ford Fall Goes Viral

Rob Ford, Toronto’s football-loving mayor, made an on-camera fumble at a press event on Tuesday that has gone viral on websites around the world. Ford was hamming it up for the cameras at a media eve...