Rob Ford Lawsuit


Why Is It Always ME?!

TORONTO - Rob Ford said Wednesday that police in a Vancouver suburb singled him out last week when they gave him a ticket for jaywalking, something the Toronto mayor said he's done "many times."Ford,...

Nothing To Say, Big Guy?

TORONTO, Cananda - Rob Ford is not commenting on a libel notice brought against him by a reporter who claims the Toronto mayor made remarks on TV that amounted to an accusation of pedophilia against h...

Why Ford's Lawsuit Is Likely To Fail

TORONTO - Mayor Rob Ford's threat to sue former staffers for telling police about activities they said included his consorting with suspected sex workers is unlikely to go anywhere, a prominent libel...
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Off The Hook

TORONTO - An Ontario judge has dismissed a $6-million defamation lawsuit against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.Ontario Superior Court Justice John Macdonald ruled Thursday that the plaintiff, restaurant owne...

How Rob Ford Taught My Kids Integrity

Once in a while it's refreshing for us to have an example of integrity, and of those stepping over the line getting called out for it. So, I say thanks to Toronto's erswhile mayor, Rob Ford, for providing me with some concrete examples of how not to act.

Tears At The Rob Ford Trial

The restaurateur who has filed a $6-million defamation suit against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford teared up as he related the effect the mayor's comments about his business had on his family. George Foulidi...