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RoFo: I've Had 'Standoffs' With Raccoons

TORONTO - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is making it clear he's no fan of the city's increasingly aggressive raccoons.Ford — who has come to be known for his colourful statements on camera — says Canada's la...
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Rob Ford

Rob Ford, should you be legally allowed to run for mayor again, though I may not have the courage of many of my neighbours to cast a vote in your direction, I most certainly will watch delightedly as you sweat your way through a seemingly endless string of awkward hallway press scrums and barely-veiled bigotry. You have taught me to accept what I do not understand.

QUOTES: Toronto Mayor Reacts To Ruling

TORONTO - A judge on Monday ordered Mayor Rob Ford out of office for violating conflict of interest rules. Some quotes:%Slideshow-542599%"I'm gonna fight tooth and nail to hold onto my job and if they...