Fact-Checking Rob Ford

In his first post-rehab interview, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to "lying, conniving and hiding to cover up" his substance-abuse problems. The mayor’s deceptions have led his political oppo...

Rob Ford's Answer to Being a Racist? "It's Complicated"

Yesterday, I had an unpleasant encounter with Mayor Rob Ford at Ribfest. I shook his hand and asked him if he was going to apologize for referring to African Canadians as "niggers," and to community grant programs as "hug-a-thug" programs. The brief exchange ended with him shrugging and saying "It's complicated," before walking away. As Rob turned his broad back on me and walked away, I was left alone to contemplate the futility of asking Rob Ford any questions at all. He doesn't answer them because he doesn't need to. Because we don't make him.

Few Convinced By Ford's Apologetic Speech

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford gave an emotional speech Monday, his voice occasionally cracking as he acknowledged he'd been in denial about his drug and alcohol addiction. But it appears not everyone is con...