Robert Dziekanski


Officer's Perjury Trial Postponed

VANCOUVER - The Crown will be permitted to present evidence at the perjury trial of an RCMP officer to allege he and three other Mounties colluded to fake a story about Robert Dziekanski's death, but...

New Claims Against RCMP In Taser Case

Seven months after failing to prove perjury against a Mountie for his testimony at the Braidwood inquiry, the special prosecutor in charge of the case is levelling new allegations against his fellow o...

New Claims Against RCMP In Taser Case

VANCOUVER - New indictments have been filed against two Mounties accused of perjury at a public inquiry into Robert Dziekanski's death, adding an allegation the officers lied when they testified that...

Acquittal Appealed In Dziekanski Case

VANCOUVER - The Crown is seeking to appeal the acquittal of an RCMP officer who was charged with perjury for his testimony at the Robert Dziekanski inquiry, suggesting prosecutors were undeterred by a...

In Canada, Who Polices the Police?

Sammy Yatim's unfortunate death at the hands of police in Toronto is an extreme example of police behaviour that goes unchecked in this country. It is only when police action leads to death as in this case and in the case of Robert Dziekanski who was tasered by RCMP officers in Vancouver a few years ago that there is an outcry. There are others and our politicians stand by and hide.


VANCOUVER - It is impossible to say for certain that one of the four Mounties who confronted Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver's airport worked with his three colleagues to concoct a story about what hap...

Closing Arguments In Perjury Trial

VANCOUVER - A Mountie's flawed account of what happened the night Robert Dziekanski died can be explained by the "frailty of human memory" in a traumatic situation, not a nefarious conspiracy among a...

YVR Taser Death Witnesses Speak

VANCOUVER - The trial of a Mountie accused of lying at the public inquiry into Robert Dziekanski's death turned its attention Wednesday back to the night of the Polish immigrant's fatal confrontation...

Taser Video Plays At Mountie's Trial

VANCOUVER - One of the four RCMP officers involved in Robert Dziekanski's death sat in court Monday with his head bowed as his perjury trial watched the now-infamous video of the confrontation that le...

What Is His Lawyer Trying To Hide?

VANCOUVER - The rights of an RCMP officer involved in Robert Dziekanski's death would be violated if a statement he made to homicide investigators is admitted into his perjury trial, his lawyer argued...


VANCOUVER - The first of four RCMP officers involved in the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski, who died after he was stunned with a Taser at Vancouver's airport, stands trial beginning Monda...

YVR Taser Death A Homicide: Coroner

VANCOUVER - The BC Coroners Service says the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski in an altercation with RCMP officers at Vancouver's airport six years ago was a homicide.Homicide is considered...

Canada Shouldn't Enable Saudi Abuses

Our government may say that we're engaging the Saudis to foster reform in the kingdom. Apartheid South Africa's allies made similar arguments, calling for "constructive engagement" with the racist regime. Thankfully, Canada rejected that approach and led the world on sanctions, which hastened the end of apartheid.

Taser Inquiry Chair Impressed

VICTORIA - The former judge who oversaw the public inquiry into the death of Robert Dziekanski says he's "very impressed" with the British Columbia government's response to his report, which he argues...

5 Years Later

VANCOUVER - It's been five years since Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski died after police zapped him with a Taser at Vancouver International Airport.His mother, Zofia Cisowski, has gone to place can...

Taser Use Plummets In B.C.

VICTORIA - Taser use by police in British Columbia is down 87 per cent since Robert Dziekanski died at Vancouver's airport five years ago, prompting questions Tuesday from politicians wondering what p...