Robert Pickton

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Why the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Crisis is Greater Than You Realize

What is most needed to solve cases of missing and murdered women, and protect others from becoming victims, is information. Canada is long overdue in setting up a national DNA database for missing persons and unidentified human remains, she says. Canadian police forces need to better share information with the public that could help break cases and find missing women.

Money For Victims Coming Soon: Lawyer

VANCOUVER - An offer to provide financial compensation to the children of serial killer Robert Pickton's victims could come as soon as six weeks from now, a lawyer for the British Columbia government...

Pickton In Court Via Video

VANCOUVER - Serial killer Robert Pickton has appeared in a Vancouver court via video over a series of lawsuits filed by the families of several murdered women.The lawyer for the families of nine women...

Pickton's Brother Claims Ignorance

VANCOUVER - The brother of Robert William Pickton says he had no idea sex workers were being taken to his family's property near Vancouver and murdered, and he denies ever helping the serial killer co...

Pickton Refuses To Admit Responsibility

VANCOUVER - Serial killer Robert Pickton continues to deny responsibility for the years he spent hunting sex workers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, filing statements of defence in a series of lawsu...

Pickton Inquiry: More Action Needed

VANCOUVER - The British Columbia government has to act now on compensating serial killer Robert Pickton's victims and implementing other recommendations put forward a year ago by the inquiry into miss...

Pickton Inquiry Changed..What?

VANCOUVER - Nearly a year after a retired judge called for sweeping change to prevent another Robert Pickton, the British Columbia government has yet to implement the vast majority of his recommendati...

City Defends VPD Over Pickton

VANCOUVER - The two police forces that failed to catch Robert Pickton as the serial killer hunted sex workers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside say they acted reasonably when they received information...

Pickton's Prosecutors Off The Hook

VANCOUVER - The British Columbia government says it can't be sued over the decision of Crown prosecutors to stay attempted murder charges against Robert Pickton in 1998 — four years before the remains...

Pickton Inquiry Suffers Setback

VANCOUVER - A former British Columbia lieutenant governor appointed five months ago to help implement recommendations from the Robert Pickton inquiry resigned Friday, saying he's been "served with doc...

Serial Killer Sued

VANCOUVER - The children of four women whose remains were found on Robert Pickton's property have filed lawsuits against the police and Pickton himself, demanding compensation for the failed murder in...