Robocall Scandal


'Extremely Worrisome'

HALIFAX - Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says it is "extremely worrisome" that there was a systematic approach to interfering in the right to vote in the robocall scandal.Trudeau, who was glad-handing...

Will Judge Toss 6 Tory MPs From Office?

OTTAWA - The electoral fates of six Conservative MPs, once strictly the purview of Canadian voters, landed in the hands of a judge Monday as lawyers on both sides of the so-called robocalls case wrapp...

LIBERALS Fined For Robocall

OTTAWA - A Liberal MP's riding association has been slapped with a hefty fine for failing to adequately identify itself in robocalls during the 2011 election campaign.A recorded message to voters in t...

Pierre Poutine's Newest Enemy

The RCMP has been called on by Elections Canada to help it get to the bottom of who was behind illicit phone calls that aimed to misdirect voters during the last federal election. "The Office of the...

'Shocking' Robocalls Poll Released

A group supporting a Federal Court challenge of the election results in seven ridings says a new poll it commissioned shows fraudulent election calls were widespread and targeted at people previously...

Canadians Protest 'Robocracy'

Protesters armed with placards and megaphones gathered in a number of Canadian cities across Canada on Sunday to call for a public inquiry into the robocall election fraud scandal.There were modest tu...
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Sunday Roundup: Welcome Back to the Future

There are quite a number of things to get through for this week, but if you'll indulge me for a moment, I'd first like to address an article that appeared in the Globe entitled "Is the Huffington Post the Future of Journalism?" The writer should have just yanked the paper out of the typewriter carriage (don't forget the carbon paper, too -- but save that, you can reuse it), crumpled it up, and started over. But maybe I should just jot down this complaint in a letter to the Globe's editor? With a stamp? Now back to business. Or as we like to call it around here, the 21st-century news business.

Ridings Hit By Robocalls

Opposition parties have so far provided names of 45 ridings which received reports of false or misleading calls during the 2011 federal election. Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre says the Conservativ...

Deceptive Calls Suspected In More Ridings

OTTAWA - The robocall controversy appears to be broadening, with opposition parties claiming the number of ridings affected by voter-suppression calls in the last federal election is greater than firs...