Robocalls Scandal


Robocalls Crackdown Coming?

OTTAWA - Restoring trust in the integrity of the electoral system has become a top priority for Elections Canada following the robocall scandal and procedural irregularities that caused the election i...

Tories Ask Court To Toss Robocall Cases

OTTAWA - Seven Conservative MPs who narrowly won their seats in the last election are asking the Federal Court to toss out a request to review the results in their ridings.Conservative Party lawyer Ar...

'Shocking' Robocalls Poll Released

A group supporting a Federal Court challenge of the election results in seven ridings says a new poll it commissioned shows fraudulent election calls were widespread and targeted at people previously...

NDP MP Apologizes To Racknine

OTTAWA - The gunslinger's swagger was missing when NDP MP Pat Martin approached the podium Monday for a hastily arranged encounter with the media.Gone was the usual sulphurous bombast that makes the f...

Don't Let the Roar of F-35s Drown Out the Robocall Scandal

In light of the unprecedented incompetence exposed by the Auditor General on the F-35 procurement scandal, the swirl of parliamentary and media attention surrounding the other simmering scandal of fraudulent robocols has died down somewhat. But the issue will not go away because a fraud occurred and Canadians must find out what happened.

Election Results Challenged Over Robocalls

The election results in seven federal ridings are being challenged in court because of robocalls that voters say tried to misdirect them to wrong polling stations. The Council of Canadians is support...

My name is Jennifer. I am a Robocaller.

Compared to Mr. Poutine I'm small potatoes, really. I just called a few hundred of my supporters in Ward 2 in Milton on the eve of the 2010 municipal election to remind them to get out and vote for me as town councillor the next day. But I can tell you a little bit about how the system works.

Robocalled In Error?

Phone calls directing voters to the wrong polling stations in the last federal election could have been mistakes, and people should stop jumping to conclusions, Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro says....

Goldman Sachs? Meet the Robocalls...

In a powerful op-ed in the New York Times, Greg Smith, a senior executive at Goldman Sachs, called the environment at the firm "as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it." Sounds a lot like modern politics in Canada.