Robocalls Scandal


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Instead of going nuts trying to come up with new election rules, perhaps we should try the opposite and do away with ALL rules and turn this thing into a no-holds-barred, made-for-TV cage fight. If we're not going to get quality, mature leadership no matter what we do, let's just do away with the pretense of it entirely. Let's have some fun.
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Tory Staffer Defends Racknine

UPDATE: Elections Canada has traced a computer from the Conservative campaign in Guelph, Ont., used by Andrew Prescott, to the account that paid for robocalls that falsely directed voters to the wrong...

Robocalls Alleged In Ontario Election

TORONTO - Some of the alleged dirty tricks used in the 2011 federal election campaign also surfaced during the Ontario election, the province's finance minister said Thursday.A constituent in Windsor...

Harper's "I Know Nothing" Sgt. Schultz Routine isn't Flying

Stephen Harper stood in the House of Commons today and said emphatically that the Conservative party was not behind the robocalls. Well, if not them, then who did? If the Conservatives are so adamant that they have done nothing wrong, Harper should be the first on his feet to call a full judicial inquiry into allegations of electoral fraud.
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Who Is 'Pierre Poutine'?

OTTAWA - Court documents show a cellphone in the robocalls affair was registered to Pierre Poutine of Separatist Street in Joliette, Que.Elections Canada's chief investigator says the clearly fake nam...

Harper Will Keep Playing Dirty, So Long as we Let Him

Robocalls are just the latest example of what Canadians have let the Tories get away with. The tragic lesson of modern Canadian politics is clear: Parliamentary crime pays. The Conservative party won its majority by gambling that Canadians didn't care about what goes on the Ottawa bubble. Harper's gamble paid off.

Ridings Hit By Robocalls

Opposition parties have so far provided names of 45 ridings which received reports of false or misleading calls during the 2011 federal election. Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre says the Conservativ...

They're Making A List...

OTTAWA - They are naughty-or-nice lists so detailed they rival anything Santa could compile.Except the voter information data collected by political parties is just like St. Nick's — secret.An investi...

Deceptive Calls Suspected In More Ridings

OTTAWA - The robocall controversy appears to be broadening, with opposition parties claiming the number of ridings affected by voter-suppression calls in the last federal election is greater than firs...

Harper On Deceptive Robocalls: It Wasn't Me

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper insists the Conservative party had nothing to do with a dirty tricks campaign aimed at discouraging opposition supporters from voting in last spring's election.B...