'Shocking' Robocalls Poll Released

A group supporting a Federal Court challenge of the election results in seven ridings says a new poll it commissioned shows fraudulent election calls were widespread and targeted at people previously...

Don't Let the Roar of F-35s Drown Out the Robocall Scandal

In light of the unprecedented incompetence exposed by the Auditor General on the F-35 procurement scandal, the swirl of parliamentary and media attention surrounding the other simmering scandal of fraudulent robocols has died down somewhat. But the issue will not go away because a fraud occurred and Canadians must find out what happened.
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Robocalls Culprit Confesses

GUELPH, Ont. — The culprit behind hundreds of misleading phone calls made to voters during the last federal election has revealed himself in a confession obtained exclusively by The Huffington Post Ca...

Election Results Challenged Over Robocalls

The election results in seven federal ridings are being challenged in court because of robocalls that voters say tried to misdirect them to wrong polling stations. The Council of Canadians is support...