How the Catholic Church Should Change

With the advent of the new Pope, everyone is talking about how the Catholic church should change. When CBC's Peter Mansbridge, interviewed Cardinal Ouelette from Montreal, his questions were all about how the Catholic church should change. Cardinal Ouellet of course mentioned all the plans to protect children now introduced into the church so that the sexual abuse scandal can never happen again.

Watching the Watchdog: Did We Just Watch Vatican Idol?

This edition of Vatican Idol -- brought to you at a cost of many millions by nearly every media outlet in the world -- is, thank the lord, finally over. Much sound (hymns, sermons and endless journalistic platitudes), no visible fury, and in the end, no significance except the name of the next chief executive officer of this exclusive and dysfunctional men's club.

Benedict XVI Resigns As Pope

Pope Benedict XVI, leader of the Roman Catholic Church and spiritual father to the world's estimated one billion Catholics, will resign as pontiff at the end of this month. Citing his "advanced age,"...

First Nations Woman To Become Catholic Saint

A Mohawk woman is set to ascend to sainthood in a ceremony at the Vatican's St-Peter Basilica next Sunday, 300 years after her death. Kateri Tekakwitha will become the first ever First Nations person...

Pope Names Toronto Archbishop As Cardinal

VATICAN CITY - Toronto Archbishop Thomas Christopher Collins is among 22 new cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church named by Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican announced Friday.Collins, 64, originally fro...

Bishop's Laptop Contained Torture

OTTAWA - A disgraced Roman Catholic bishop betrayed little emotion Thursday as a court was told his laptop contained hundreds of pornographic images of young boys — including photos of torture. Raymon...