Media Bites: Does Canada Need Political Advice from Ron Paul?

The decision to import former Republican congressman/presidential candidate/shiny thing enthusiast Ron Paul to this year's Manning Conference follows the long, distinguished tradition of Canadian political parties asking clever Americans to tell them what they think. It's only fair to ask what the Paul pick reveals about the state of Canada's right. much of what Paul has to offer is "miles away from Canadian relevance." There is no Tea Party position on Quebec separatism, after all. Or bilingualism. Or aboriginal land claims. Or the Senate. Or the monarchy. Or the countless other existential and nationalistic dramas that dominate this esoteric sovereign nation.

Seriously, Canadian Conservatives? RON PAUL?

Of all the conservatives the Manning Centre could have invited to be the star attraction at their annual shindig, why Ron Paul? Is this supposed to be a foreshadowing of the future direction of Canada's conservative movement? Which of his, frankly, bizarre ideas does the Manning Centre agree with?

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New Hampshire elects Mitt Romney

Ron Paul is a classic spoiler. No one is sure what he's likely to do. Perhaps not even himself. Maybe it hinges on how seriously he wants Barack Obama replaced as president, because if decides to run as an independent or whatever, Obama's chances for re-election sky-rocket.