Sam Sullivan

Mike Klassen

Philip Owen: There Are No Shortcuts When Running a City

These days Vancouver city hall is twisting itself into pretzels trying to figure out why citizens have stopped engaging with the political process. In my view, Philip Owen was the last mayor to really make a personal effort to get to know the city he led. He wasn't in a bubble created by political aides -- his staff was tiny in comparison to those in office today. Often regarded as a "mayor's mayor," he made himself available to citizens, media, and through a primetime cable TV call-in show.

Sam Sullivan Has Unfinished Business

VANCOUVER – Sam Sullivan has unfinished business to attend to after losing his own party’s nomination for mayor five years ago. During an initial, bitter race for the Non-Partisan Association’s mayora...


VANCOUVER - Former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan has won the nomination to represent the B.C. Liberals in the May election in the riding of Vancouver-False Creek.Sullivan beat out Lorne Mayencourt, who...